Frequently Asked Questions

First: Use round number measurements or your shower enclosure and input the design measurements into our website

designer for material pricing and hardware costs. (note: measurements must be within 1" of final glass sizes to ensure price


Second: Once satisfied with your online design, ensure you understand glass type options, clear thickness and haraware

color selection odor to suomirina bovment informolion

Third: After we receive our request and deposit, one of our technicians will call vou for a "final measurement" to ensure

sizes within 1/16. out of plum conditions and readiness of vour project

Finally: Once glass fabrication is complete and quality inspected, the same technician will contact you for installation datt

and get it installed!

Once all surrounding work has been completed such as tile, shower pan or sill installation. Remember, if sizes deviate within 1” of the final sizes, requoting the glass will be required with most likely a small increase in costs.

Once the design has been submitted and paid for, glass fabrication will take 2-3 weeks and then installation can then take place within 1 week after we notify you of readiness.

We offer several different types of glass including Standard, Uber Clear, Satin Etch or Rain Glass. All of which are options listed in our designer along with available thicknesses.

We do everything completely custom including but not limited to shower enclosures, water closets, wine rooms and conference rooms. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that we are providing exactly what you are looking for.  If our designer does not meet your requirements, please email us the take-off,

Yes! If you wish to provide your own hardware all we require is the fabrication template so we can create the correct holes necessary to fit your desired hardware on to the glass. You just need to speak to the provider of your hardware to receive that information. However, pricing will not change from our website pricing.

We do not do services unless we have installed the enclosure and is within our one-year warranty period or 3 years on defective hardware.

The most popular type of glass is clear glass in the thicknesses of 3/8 to ½” due to its modern look and ability to make a bathroom feel larger.

Whether your door is inswing or outswing will depend on how much room you have to work with and how your layout works. Consider if the door opens outward, will it hit anything like towel racks or the sink or toilet? The bathroom space will determine the choice. But keep in mind, inspectors require outward swinging if you’re remodel calls for this.

Frameless glass doors do have gaps and any direct water forced on those gaps will allow for some water to escape. Our installers will apply waterproof silicone caulking around a stationary panel. Depending on where the showerhead is located, it my force water through the door gaps, keep in mind, the only vinyl we install is at the bottom of the door. If a little water outside your shower is a problem, we can certainly add additional vinyl around the door but this will take away from your frameless look.